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Values and Ethos

Faith at Seva


Faith Leader: P. Kaur



High morals, discipline, love, compassion and selfless service towards all regardless of faith, gender or colour will be encouraged. The school will embrace a universal, inclusive approach to spirituality, aimed at rekindling a personal, loving and spontaneous relationship with the Divine.


The Three Basic Principles of Sikhism are:

  • Naam Japnaa– To meditate on the Divine Name with love and devotion.

  • Kirat Karnee – To work hard and honestly with dignity and labour.

  • Vand Ke Shaknaa – To share what you have with the deprived and needy


An important feature of the Sikh faith is tolerance and it does not seek converts. This is clearly set out within the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scriptures of the Sikhs. It is apparent when one reads from the Guru Granth, one finds not a message for Sikhs alone, but a message for all. The universality of Sikh scriptures explicitly shows that it is based on the human condition, which can evidently be applied to all. The philosophical underpinnings of the Sikh Scriptures are fundamentally related to what can be experienced as individuals as well as a community.

By drawing on the teachings of Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh faith, our school will not only provide an outstanding academic education, but will endeavour to nurture brotherhood, equality and respect.

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