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Sevak Education Trust holds a deep belief that strong governance is essential to ensure excellence with Seva School. The Trustees bring skills, knowledge and experience to their roles. They work closely with the Principal to guarantee the success of the Trust and the school. The governance structure consists of Members and Trustees of the board and its committees. The committees include the Finance, Audit and Buildings Committee (FAB) and Personnel, Performance and Safeguarding Committee (PPS). The work of the board is directed by the Articles of Association, funding agreements, governance handbook and the Academies Financial Handbook. This work is distilled into the Scheme of Delegation which is reviewed and updated every year.


The four Members are akin to shareholders and have ultimate control over the direction of the Trust. They ensure Seva School achieves its objectives, sign off the financial accounts and annual reports, and appoint some of the Trustees. They hold responsibility for:

  • Changing the Articles of Association

  • Deciding on a change of school category

  • Amendments to the Funding Agreement                                                         

  • Appointing Trustees

  • Appoint the Trust’s external auditors


Amarjit Basra

Ashwinder Dhariwal

Hardeep Bansal

Dalbara Grewal

Board of Trustees:

The Trustees have delegated responsibility for the three core strategic functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

  • Holding the Principal to account for educational performance of the school and its pupils

  • Overseeing the financial performance of the academy.


They have overall responsibility and ultimate decision-making authority for all the work of the Trust; this is largely exercised through strategic planning and the setting of policy. It is managed through business planning, monitoring budgets, performance management, the setting of standards and the implementation of quality management processes. They have the power to direct change where required. The board consists of 8 Trustees and they meet as a Full Board six times each year.

The board of Trustees consists of:

Chair of Trustees: Amarjit Basra

Joint Vice Chair of Trustees: Sunny Singh Heer

Joint Vice Chair of Trustees: Dr. Amarjit Johal

Trustee: Mandeep Singh Sahota

Trustee: Hardeep Kaur Marwaha

Trustee: Noel Melvin

Trustee: Yashpreet Singh

Associate Trustee: Sabrina Sangha


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